StoneSport Chronicles

I am ecstatic to reveal Olivia Quinn’s upcoming debut novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, a sci-fi erotica thriller. Incidentally, it will also be Rock Hard Press’s first published novel when it is released in Q3 2024. And it is a series, so we anticipate many more installments in the years to come. Here is the summary:

Olivia Quinn immerses her readers in a futuristic world of high-stakes athletic competition. Athletes race to outwit petrifying lasers, either capturing eternal glory or entering immortality in solid marble.

Chloe Dawson is one of those athletes, but she’s less interested in fame and much more interested in fortune. When her husband died, he left a mountain of gambling debt in his wake, including money owed to some rather unsavory people. Now they’re coming after Chloe. StoneSport is the only way to earn enough to make them go away for good.

But the more Chloe completes, the more she craves the adrenaline rush of being milliseconds away from an eternity in stone. And when she starts falling for her arch-rival, Chloe struggles to maintain her edge. As her star rises ever higher in the world of StoneSport, will she have the strength to walk away? Or will she go the distance no matter the cost?

Keep an eye on our website for more news as the book comes together. We will be recruiting early readers to receive ARCs in exchange for Amazon reviews on release day.

Olivia will certainly be busy in the next nine months as Associate Editor here, Editor-in-Chief at Stone Cold Stories, and the author of an upcoming novel. If anyone can pull that off, though, it would be her. Go, Olivia!

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