We appreciate your interest in submitting your work to Rock Hard Press! We hope the information on this page is helpful and answers all of your questions.

What we publish

Rock Hard Press publishes speculative erotica novels, novellas, and novelettes of at least 7,500 words. Submissions need to blend sci-fi, fantasy, or horror with erotica. We are open to series as well as standalone books. If you are proposing a series, please summarize the first book and provide a high-level view of the overall story arc for the series.

We are looking for exceptional stories! Your book should include an original plot, well-developed characters, and vivid sensory details. Immerse the reader in your seductive world! The erotica should be icing on an already delicious speculative cake.

Content guidelines

We publish erotica, so our content guidelines are quite loose. Nudity and sex are absolutely required. Profanity and violence are optional. If you are concerned the sex in your novel is too explicit, please do not self-reject. Send us a typical sex scene, and we will let you know our opinion.

AI policy

We do not accept books written by AI. Feel free to use AI tools to brainstorm plots, characters, etc. You are welcome to use Grammarly for editing. Ask ChatGPT to write your blurb if you like. It performs that task quite well. However, please write your own book.

Rights and payments

Rock Hard Press asks for full rights to publish, sell, and profit from your original manuscript in all languages and formats: e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook. Derivative rights such as film and television adaptations are not included and shall be retained by the author.

We do not currently offer advance payments to our authors. We are a small press and make a significant investment in each project in the form of editorial, design, and marketing services. Please rest assured that we are as invested as you are in the success of your book.

Royalties are as follows:

  • E-book: 30% of net receipts
  • Audiobook: 30% of net receipts
  • Paperback: 15% of retail price
  • Hardcover: 15% of retail price

One of our goals at Rock Hard Press is to be author-friendly, so we strive to offer more favorable terms than the broader publishing industry. Having said that, terms are negotiable—especially if we love your book and believe it has high potential.

Submission process

If we like your concept, we will ask for a sample chapter. If that goes well, we will ask for the full manuscript.

We will respond to proposals and samples within one week. We aim to respond to full manuscripts within four weeks.

After the contract is signed

The real fun begins! You bring the manuscript, and we bring the developmental editor, copy editor, proofreader, cover designer, and marketing staff. In other words, we will surround you with industry professionals to guide your novel from rough draft to published book.

The entire process, from contract signing to publication, usually takes 9-12 months. It will depend to a large degree on the number of revisions we go through, which is different for every project. Rest assured that Rock Hard Press is in it for the long haul.

For details on the steps involved, please review our strategy.

Image by 51581 from Pixabay