Premature collaboration

Several people have asked me how Rock Hard Press can have a team of twelve when we haven’t published anything yet. I give them a two-part answer.

First, we’re all volunteers for now. Nobody on staff is getting paid, an arrangement that will likely continue for quite a while. Everyone here is passionate about the potential of speculative erotica and willing to work for free to make Rock Hard Press successful. As a side benefit, this creates a tight-knit crew with a singular focus and vision for the future.

Second, we only work as needed. In other words, we scale up and down in response to the shifting workload. As queries and manuscripts come in, we divvy them up among the editors to review. If we hit a dry spell, everyone gets a “vacation” until more submissions arrive. Our marketing, advertising, and design staff are on standby until we have a book ready to publish. They’re as dedicated as the rest of us. We just don’t have any work for them at the moment, though that will change early next year.

Of course, our longer-term vision is drastically different from where we are right now. Down the road, everyone will get paid. We’ll have a full-time staff working with a stellar list of authors to raise speculative erotica to another level. And we’ll look back fondly on these early days as a scrappy new publisher.

We have a long road ahead of us, but we’re determined to make Rock Hard Press successful. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish!

Image by Ralf Seemann from Pixabay






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