We decided it would be useful to provide some examples of what we expect from authors who query Rock Hard Press, so here are a sample proposal and a sample scene.

Sample proposal

Proposals do not need to be lengthy, but they should be clear about the concept of your novel.

Blake Matthews is a captain in the Galactic Navy. Tessa Valkyrie is a wanted smuggler and scavenger. When Blake’s cruiser is attacked by the Andromeda Collective, he is the only survivor. As Blake’s oxygen supply dwindles, Tessa happens upon the wreckage. Normally, she would eliminate any witnesses, but she decides to spare Blake and take him prisoner instead.

Tessa interrogates Blake and learns of a secret weapons cache in the Centauri system. When they go to plunder it, they stumble upon shocking treachery from one of Blake’s superiors. With a rogue faction of the Galactic Navy in pursuit, can Tessa and Blake trust each other and survive long enough to expose the treasonous plot?

Note that Tessa and Blake come from different worlds. Though initially like oil and water, they grow closer through adversity and become lovers. Minor characters include Jade, a sarcastic female XO on Tessa’s crew and a military android named Crank that Tessa reprogrammed to swear like a sailor and insult strangers. The interpersonal dynamics of the ragtag crew are reminiscent of Firefly.

The story includes three sex scenes with Tessa and Jade, plus eight sex scenes with Tessa and Blake, including sex on the ship’s bridge with the risk of discovery and shower sex. The final scene is a jaw-dropping zero-gravity threesome with the insatiable Jade.

As you can see, the proposal includes a brief synopsis of the plot, an overview of the characters, and a summary of the sex content. Short but sweet, this would pique our interest and earn you a request for a sample chapter.

Sample scene

Following is a brief sex scene from the proposed novel to give you an idea of what we like to see in the draft manuscripts we receive.

As Blake sudsed up his broad chest, he didn’t notice Tessa slip into the shower behind him. He flinched when he felt her breasts touch his back and her hand wrap around his cock.

“Hey, Blake,” she cooed. “You busy?”

Blake turned to face her, the hot water streaming over his shoulders onto Tessa’s chest and abdomen. She kept hold of his cock, stroking it gently while waiting for an answer.

“Busy?” he replied with a devilish grin. “Not any more.”

Blake lifted Tessa and pressed her naked body against the shower wall. She let go of his hardening cock and wrapped her arms around his neck instead. Then Tessa swung her legs around his back and crossed her ankles on his tight ass.

“Fuck me,” she demanded.

Blake laughed and lowered Tessa’s womanhood onto his now-throbbing rod, eliciting a gasp as he entered her.

“In case you didn’t notice,” he replied between thrusts, “fucking you is precisely my plan.”

Blake plunged his erect cock inside Tessa, allowing her weight to drive him ever deeper. He settled into a steady rhythm as she rolled her hips in response. They locked lips, their tongues probing each other’s mouths, as an orgasm built steadily within their bodies.

After a long-lasting and valiant pounding, Tessa spasmed on Blake’s rod, twitching like a ragdoll as she cried out.

“Oh, fuck!” she yelled.

Tessa’s climax sent Blake over the edge as he pumped his milky seed deep within her. They stared into each other’s eyes as their naked bodies crumpled to the shower floor. Hot water pummeled their bare flesh.

“Six out of ten,” Blake said with a smirk.

Tessa pinched his ass and laughed. “Whatever, stud. I was expecting at least seven orgasms, but I suppose one will have to do.”

At that moment, Jade’s face appeared at the edge of the shower curtain. She surveyed the sexy scene and rolled her eyes.

“Sorry to interrupt, boss. We have a situation on the bridge.”

Tessa nodded, disentangling her limbs and loins from Blake’s grasp, and walked past Jade.

“Let’s see what you got,” she replied as she exited the locker room, still naked and dripping.

Jade watched her depart and then turned to Blake, still lying on the shower floor.

“Deal me in next time, loverboy,” she said with a sultry smile. “I’ll rock both your worlds.”

Then she turned and left before Blake could reply. Just thinking about a threesome caused his softening cock to reverse thrust and jump to hyperspace.

This is an abridged sex scene but should provide a feel for our expectations. Make your own scenes as explicit as you like. Metaphors may work well early on to tease the reader before you hit them with a shockingly graphic climactic encounter. The only limit is your dirty mind, so see what may be lurking inside and get it out on the page.

We hope these examples are helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We love talking about sex.

Image by thank you for 💙 from Pixabay